Wireless Charger for Model X - TAPTES
Wireless Charger for Model X - TAPTES
Wireless Phone Charger for Tesla Model X
Wireless Charger for Model X - TAPTES
Wireless Charger for Model X - TAPTES
Wireless Charger for Model X - TAPTES
Wireless Charger for Model X - TAPTES

Wireless Phone Charger for Tesla Model X

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  • Click here to order TAPTES new modified version T-Box Tesla Model S / X Wireless Charging Organizer Box With Cup Holder .
  • Supporting fast charging for your smartphone: TAPTES provides fast charger with dual USB ports, 1 x 9V / 2A, 1 x 5V / 2.4A, which could achieve two phones to charge together, one by wireless one by wire.
  • Ensures cooling, more efficient charging: 0.08-inch thickness design plus intelligent temperature control system.
  • Set wireless charger and storage box in one: the center console storage shelf also allows you to place small items (e.g., pens, plastic ID cards, keys, coins) with easy reach at all times.
  • Super easy installation and removal.

  • Material: The product is fabricated from molded ABS plastic, it can stand wear and tear, non-toxic, odorless, with high-efficiency wireless charging disk, non-fading.
  • Multifunction: It’s not only a Tesla car wireless charger but also a car organizer for coins, pens, car keys, sunglasses, phone stand. After the Installation, make you find stuff easy and quick.
  • Noted: The charging platform is 7.6in (194mm) long (at its longest point) and 3.5in (89mm) wide. It is approximately 3/16 in. thick. To be sure that your phone + case can be accommodated, their combined dimensions should not exceed 6.38 x 3.25 x 0.5in (162 x 82 x 12.5mm)



TAPTES Model X Center Console Storage Shelf with wireless charging provides a great closed storage facility for owners with ABC plastics material, smooth and odorless. You can place small items into it. At the same time, provides optionally integrated charging for your smartphone, When the battery is fully charged, the charging pad will terminate charging to protect your device. This package includes:
1 x storage shelf;
1 x 100 cm with a USB connector;
1 x wireless charger.
1 x Dual USB port Car Charger (Optional)


Time for fill 1% power

9V/ 2A (with TAPTES QC3.0 Fast Charge Cigarette Lighter)

In less than 2 mins

5V/ 2.1A

In less than 3 mins

5V/ 2.0A

In less than 4 mins

5V/ 1A

In 5 mins

5V/ 0.5A

In 8 mins

Charging Speed of Wireless Charger (Tested Environment: 77℉, iPhone X)

USB Port Output

Charging in 10 Mins/ Battery

Charging in 20 Mins/ Battery

Average time of fill 1% battery

5V/ 0.5A

71%~72% (fill 1% battery)

71%-76% (fill 5% battery)

8 mins

5V/ 1.0A

85%~88% (fill 3% battery)

85%-89%(fill 4% battery)

5 mins

5V/ 2.0A

82%~85%(fill 3% battery)

76%-82%(fill 6% battery)

3.5 mins

5V/ 2.1A

67%~72% (fill 5% battery)

82%-90% (fill 1% battery)

2.5 mins

9V/ 2.0A
with Dual USB port Car Charger

26%~31% (fill 5% battery)

26%-37% (fill 11% battery)

1.8 mins



Model X Center Console Storage Shelf with Wireless Charger Specifications

Manufacturer Part Number

Model X Center Console Storage Shelf with wireless charger


Neutral Packing or TAPTES

Estimated Lead Time

Generally, it takes 10~20 days for your order to arrive. Faster delivery is available with an additional cost to upgrade to DHL/EMS/FedEx, etc.


ABS plastics


0.28kg / 0.61lb

Package Weight

0.16kg / 0.35lb

Dimensions(L x W x H)

23.17 x 17.78 x 6.6cm / 9.12 x 6.96 x 2.6in

Package Dimensions(L x W x H)

28 x 22 x 11cm / 11.02 x 8.6 x 4.3in

Total weight

0.56kg /1.23lb




10W / 5W



Conversion Efficiency

70% >

Launch distance



DC 5V 2A or 9V 1.67A


DC 5V 1A (Max. 5V 1.2A); DC 9V 1A (Max. 9V 1.1A)

Date of manufacture



In Stock


Tesla Model X

Also called

Tesla wireless phone charger
Tesla wireless charging
Wireless car charger
Tesla Qi wireless charging
Tesla Model S/X Wireless Charging Box
samsung wireless charger
wireless phone charger
Tesla wireless charging
wireless power charger
Tesla phone charger
wireless charging car mount
tesla model s phone charger
wireless Tesla car phone charger
qi wireless charger for Tesla
wireless car charging pad
apple wireless car charger
Tesla Model X Mittelkonsolenregal mit kabellosem Ladegerät
étagère de rangement console centrale tesla avec chargeur sans fil
scaffale tesla centro console con caricatore wireless
Consola de almacenamiento de consola central tesla con cargador inalámbrico
Półka do przechowywania konsoli środkowej tesli z bezprzewodową ładowarką
tesla keskikonsoli säilytyshylly langattomalla laturilla
tesla mittkonsolförvaringshylla med trådlös laddare
tesla senterkonsolllagringshylle med trådløs lader
Seilf stórála lárionad console le tarchur gan sreang
tesla opbergvak in de middenconsole met draadloze oplader
prateleira de armazenamento do console central do tesla com carregador sem fio



Applicable Mobile Phone Models
(The following models support direct use without a wireless receiver)


iPhone X
iPhone 8
iPhone 8 Plus
iPhone XS
iPhone XS Max


Lumia 735 / Lumia 820
Lumia 822 / Lumia 830
Lumia 920 / Lumia 929
Lumia 1020 / Lumia 1520


GALAY s6 / s6 edge / s6 edge+
GALAY s6 Note / s6 Active / s6 Duos
GALAY s7 / s7 edge
GALAY note 5 / note 7
GALAY s8 / s8+
GALAY Note dege


Nexus 4 / Nexus 5 / Nexus 6


G2 / G3 / G10


Z3V/ Z4V


Other models (such as Apple other models, Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO, VIVO, etc.)
You can be used by simply buying additional wireless receivers.
The iPhone 7/7plus can be used in conjunction with the wireless charging back clamp.



Dual USB Port Car Charger Specifications


Dual USB port




USB1: 9V/2A

USB2: 5V/2.4A


32.13g / 0.07lb




61.5 x 32 x 32mm / 2.42 x 1.26 x 1.26 in




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Q: Do you have an installation guide for the wireless charger?
A: Yes, you may check the installation video of Wireless Phone Charger here.

Q: Can I use a phone case while charging?
A: Thick mobile phone cases (especially over 4mm) can affect charging speed and even cause intermittent charging or stopping. Basically, the wireless charger is suitable for rubber/plastic / TPU case, etc. If not charging, please check if there is any metal like coins, IC Cards, bank cards or other metal objects between phone and charger.

Q: Why do I need the TAPTES Center Console Storage Shelf with Optional Integrated Charging?
A: Many Model X owners want easy access to small items that are sometimes buried in storage boxes in the central console. Center Console Storage Shelf is a shelf that gives you easy access to small items (like pens, plastic ids, keys) at any time.

Q: How to turn on wireless charger?
A: Take out Type -C cable from the packaging box, Plug your adaptor(5V 2A) or adaptor which has fast charging function with 9V 1.67A(Please ensure you have a good quality of adapter).

Q: How could I know the device has been charged?
A: When you put those device built-in function into your wireless charger, the LED light on the upper right corner will be light on BLUE, it comes to wireless charging mode after the blue light lasts 1-2 seconds

Q: If I bought the fast charging option with a cigarette lighter adapter. One of the USB ports is white and one is red. Which one is the faster port, the red one?
A: Yes, the red one is the faster port.

Q: Are there any requirements for device layout when charging?
A: When charging your device, please make sure your device is in the center of this wireless charger. The deviation for left and right is within 7mm, if the deviation is a little bit bigger, it may cause charging unstable or uncharged

Q: Can you ship to my country?
A: Yes, we ship worldwide.

Q: Is the wireless power charger very difficult to install?
A: It's very easy and quick to install, it just takes 2-3 minutes. You simply slide the center console storage shelf into place at the top of the storage box. All you need to do is connect the charger's USB cable to the USB port in the central console to charge wireless.

Q: Are any tools required?
A: No, you can install it by yourself without any tool.

Q: Can center console storage shelf accommodate larger phones as well as more standard-sized models?
A: Although the sizes of mobile devices keep changing (and growing) the center console storage shelf charging platform can accommodate all standard-size smartphones from all manufacturers and the vast majority of plus-size smartphones (e.g., iPhone 7+, 8+, X as well as most larger Samsung models and the models of other manufacturers. If your phone + case is 6.38in x 3.25 x 0.5in (162 x 82 x 12.5mm), the center console storage shelf charging platform can accommodate it.

Q: Will it shake when driving?
A: No, because it's very consistent with the car, so it won't be shaken.

Q: Can I place other small items into the charger when I’m not using it for charging?
A: Yes, but with qualifications. Be certain that the objects don’t scratch or otherwise damage the charging surface. Don't place candy (it can melt), or liquids of any kind on the charger.

Q: How long does it take to receive my order?
A: Generally it takes 10~20 days for your order to arrive. Faster delivery is available with an additional cost to upgrade to DHL/EMS/FedEx, etc.

Q: What are the specifications of the charging electronics?
A: Go to our Specifications Tab for more details

Q: My smartphone doesn’t have wireless charging capability built-in. Can I still use CCSS in my Model X?
A: Yes, but you’ll have to buy a wireless charging case for your phone. Wireless charging cases are designed for specific phones, so you’ll have to select the right one for your phone.

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