Design Your Model Y with TAPTES

TAPTES is working on accessories and parts for New Telsa Model Y, such as the USB hub, seat covers, floor mats, storage box, sunshades, roof rack, cargo cover, front and rear trunk mats, and many many Model Y interior / exterior accessories

We deeply know the Tesla owners always have passion and willing to share with each other. If you are happy to do a review or our new Model Y accessories and parts, welcome mail to!

If you are interested in designing Your own Model Y accessories, just feel free to contact us at We truly believe Tesla owners are great designers for us because they know what accessories they exactly want. You can provide your ideas and participate in designing with us. TAPTES as s price killer, creating good quality, reasonable cost products.

If you'd like to wait for our new Model Y accessories and parts, please complete the below contact form with your information,  we'll alert you when the new Model Y accessories are launched on our website.