TAPTES Power lift Gate for Tesla Model S, Only a Power Lift Gate

TAPTES Power lift Gate for Tesla Model S, Only a Power Lift Gate

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  • TAPTES Auto Trunk Open/Close Kit feature is a kind of smart trunk sensor system and provides additional value to your Tesla Model S. With the TAPTES power liftgate, you can open and close your car just like magic.

    Multiple intelligent switches to open and close your Model S: Mobile APP, touch screen, a button inside the trunk, or by waving your foot below the bumper on Model S.

    Safe helper: the opening height is set the exact same way as with the Tesla factory power liftgate – by manually adjusting the trunk to your preferred height and pressing and holding the closing button until you get a beep as confirmation.

    Precise compatibility: TAPTES Electric Tailgate specially made for Tesla Model S. Won't damage the original line of the car, and won't influence the appearance of your Model S and all other Tesla Model original functions are still valid.

    The Model S Electric Tailgate package comes with 1 Wire Harness 2 Induction Cable 1 Controller Box

    Due to the complexity of the installation, we recommend installing it by a professional.

    Foot sensor systems must use with a power liftgate.

  • Why does your Tesla need TAPTES hands-free power liftgate?

    1. The dirty and dusty Tesla Model S
    2. Hands are full of bags after shopping.
    3. The car was covered with snow
    4. Not high enough to press the open/close button.


    1. Remote control switch power liftgate
    2. Install the closing button inside the trunk
    3. trunk opening height setting with TATES Model S Electric Tailgate 
    4. Alert sound when turned on and off
    5. Original trunk button opens the power lift trunk.
    6. Safety anti-clip function
    7.  Specially designed

    Hands-free power liftgate installation steps

    1. Remove the plastic trim
    2. With trim removal set, remove the original car left and right struts
    3. Remove the original struts and install our electric struts
    4. Remove the left and right tail lights
    5. Remove the rear bumper and pass the left and right brace line through the right waterproof hole
    6. Install an electric suction lock and replace the original car lock block with the lock block provided by our company
    7. Move the power cord from the front compartment to the right side of the back compartment
    8. Thread the power cord from the right front door tape and leaf plate to the front storage box
    9. The decoder is fixed in the trim board on the right side of the stern box
    10. After the completion of the installation, the decoder needs to conduct a matching operation when it is plugged in. The electric tail door is adjusted to the highest position, long-press the tail door to install the key for 5 seconds, release the key after a long beep, and the matching operation is completed (re-power requires re-matching operation).


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