Tesla Model Y Wireless Phone Charger
Tesla Model Y Wireless Phone Charger
Tesla Model Y Wireless Phone Charger
Tesla Model Y Wireless Phone Charger
Tesla Model Y Wireless Phone Charger

Tesla Model Y Wireless Phone Charger

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  • Large phone supported: you can always place your large phone in TAPTES Model Y wireless charger landscape mode, even the largest phone in the market could fit, while the factory Tesla Model Y wireless charger may not work with larger phones especially when with a phone case which most people have.
  • Faster charging: Tesla's original wireless charger gets all power from the left USB-C ports even you place two phones, while TAPTES was powered by two different USB ports, supporting fast charging 2 phones at once.
  • Always know charging status: TAPTES with two LED lights, you can easily know the charging status for each phone while Tesla originally charger is blind, you never know if your phone is still charging after braking, acceleration, or bump.
  • Charge Your Phone Horizontally or Vertically. Tesla's original charger can only support vertically wireless charging. But TAPTES charger can also support horizontally charging, which means you can use the navigation while charging. 
  • Wired charging integrated: TAPTES wireless phone charger integrates Type C wired charging, you can freely charge any device with a Type C connector.
  • Get more ports by choosing a TAPTES charger: 2 USB-C ports & 2 USB-A ports: TAPTES Model Y wireless phone charger ships with 2 free splitters, 1 split 1 USB-C to 2 USB-C, the other split 1 USB-A to 2 USB-A.

TAPTES Wireless Phone Charger for Tesla Model Y is a professional smartphone charging tool specially designed for your new Model Y, which provides wireless charging for your smartphone without “plug-in” the device. TAPTES Model Y wireless charging pad also allows charging your phone horizontally, now you could choose which way you want to use navigation apps, Waza and Google Map.


LED Lights Instruction

 LED Lights Color


 Orange, On



 No Charging and No Connecting

 White, On

 Fully Charged

 Orange, Flashing

 Error, e.g. Detects Foreign Object(s), etc.

 Left Light On

 Charging on the left side or horizontally


Wireless Phone Charger / Pad for Tesla Model 3 Specifications


 5V/2A, 9V/1.7A


 5V/1-1.5A, 9V/1.1A


 Compatible with 2020 Tesla Model Y


Wireless Phone Charger for Tesla Model Y Q&A

1. Q: Can I charge my phone while using the navigation?
A: Sure, TAPTES Tesla Model Y wireless phone charger is specially designed for horizontally and vertically charging. That means you can charge your phone horizontally while using the navigation.

2. Q: Can I use wired charging if my friend's phone does not support wireless charging?
A: Yes, we designedly add a USB-C cable in the charging pad in case some phones do not support wireless charging.

3. Q: If I want to use Waze and charge my iPhone X horizontally, will the wireless charger works with this situation?
A: Yes, Wireless Phone Charger / Pad for Tesla Model Y allows your phone to be charged horizontally or vertically.

4. Q: Will the wireless charging pad work with Samsung note 9?
A: Yes, the wireless charging pad works with Samsung note 9.

5. Q: Why do I need a wireless charging pad for my Tesla Model 3?
A: If you have a mobile phone which is wireless charging enabled, it would be much easier and free to charge your phone by using the wireless charging pad. You only need to put your phone on it, the pad will charge your phone immediately and wirelessly, without struggling with cables and wires. Model 3 owners rated wireless charging pad as one of the must-have accessories for Tesla Model 3.

6. Q: Can I get fast charging for my iPhone 8 by using the wireless phone charger?
A: The wireless phone charging pad supports fast charging for iPhone and Samsung.

7. Q: My wife's phone is Samsung Galaxy S10. Can she use the wireless charging pad to charge her phone?
A: Yes. You can check what phones can be charged by the wireless charging mat in the specs area.


Wireless Phone Charger for Tesla Model Y Compatible Devices


 iPhone XR 
 iPhone XS Max 
 iPhone XS 
 iPhone X 
 iPhone 8 
 iPhone 8 Plus


 Samsung Galaxy Note 8 
 Samsung S8 
 Samsung S8+ 
 Samsung Galaxy Note 7 
 Samsung Galaxy S7 
 Samsung Galaxy S7 edge 
 Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ 
 Samsung Galaxy Note 5 
 Samsung Galaxy S6 
 Samsung Galaxy S6 edge


 Google Nexus 4 
 Google Nexus 5 
 Google Nexus 6


 LG Lucid 1 
 LG Lucid 2 
 LG G2 (Carrier dependent) 
 LG G3 (Carrier dependent) 
 LG G6 
 LG G6+


 Motorola Droid Maxx 
 Motorola Droid Mini 
 Motorola Droid Turbo


 Microsoft Lumia 950 XL 
 Microsoft Lumia 950 
 Nokia Lumia Icon 
 Nokia Lumia 930 
 Nokia Lumia 928 
 Nokia Lumia 920


 Blackberry Priv 
 Blackberry Z30


 Mobile phones that have USB Type-C some phones in the following sheet will also support wireless charging.




     Samsung Galaxy A20
     Samsung Galaxy A30
     Samsung Galaxy A40
     Samsung Galaxy A50
     Samsung Galaxy A60
     Samsung Galaxy A70
     Samsung Galaxy A8 (2018)
     Samsung Galaxy A80
     Samsung Galaxy A9 (2018)
     Samsung Galaxy Fold
     Samsung Galaxy M20
     Samsung Galaxy M30
     Samsung Galaxy Note8
     Samsung Galaxy Note9
     Samsung Galaxy S10
     Samsung Galaxy S10 5G
     Samsung Galaxy S10+
     Samsung Galaxy S10e
     Samsung Galaxy S8
     Samsung Galaxy S8+
     Samsung Galaxy S9
     Samsung Galaxy S9+


     Google Pixel
     Google Pixel 3
     Google Pixel 3 XL
     Google Pixel 3a
     Google Pixel 3a XL


     LG G8 ThinQ
     LG V50 ThinQ 5G


     Sony Xperia 1
     Sony Xperia XZ


     Huawei Mate 20
     Huawei Mate 20 lite
     Huawei Mate 20 Pro
     Huawei nova 4
     Huawei nova 4e
     Huawei P20
     Huawei P20 lite
     Huawei P20 Pro
     Huawei P30
     Huawei P30 lite
     Huawei P30 Pro


     Motorola Moto G7 Plus
     Motorola Moto Z Force


     Nokia 7 plus
     Nokia 7.1
     Nokia 8.1
     Nokia 9 PureView
     Nokia X71


     OnePlus 6
     OnePlus 6T
     OnePlus 7
     OnePlus 7 Pro


     Xiaomi Black Shark 2
     Xiaomi Mi 8
     Xiaomi Mi 8 Lite
     Xiaomi Mi 9
     Xiaomi Mi 9 SE
     Xiaomi Mi A2 (Mi 6X)
     Xiaomi Pocophone F1
     Xiaomi Redmi Note 7
     Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro
     Xiaomi Redmi Y3


     ZTE Axon 10 Pro
     ZTE nubia Red Magic 3

    Tesla Model Y Wireless charging pad


      Neutral Packing or TAPTES

     Estimated Lead Time

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    Features wireless charging

     Date of manufacture



     2020 Tesla Model Y 

     Also called

    • Wireless phone charger
    • Wireless charger
    • Bil trådløs ladepute
    • trådlös laddning för bil
    • Car pad de charge sans fil
    • Auto draadloos oplaadstation
    • trådløs opladningspude til Tesla Model Y

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