Best Tesla Gift Ideas for the New Tesla Model 3 Owners

Did you just buy a new Model 3? Or, are you planning to prepare a Tesla gift for your friends or family? 
It’s a time of incredible excitement, especially if it’s a first brand-new Model 3. However, it can be just as exciting when you purchase a lightly used, upscale car after driving your old car for far too long.
Even if buying your new Tesla Model 3 meant taking on some debt, now is the perfect time to pick up a little present for Tesla owners to make the ride even more enjoyable. Just as important, you may want to choose a little something for someone you know who just got a new set of wheels, consider this hot wheels collection and try to find the same Model 3 he or she bough.
Why? Because getting a new Model 3 is something to celebrate. You spent a lot of time researching on Tesla buying tips, test drove vehicles and made a lot of phone calls. It’s one of those rare occasions that just doesn’t happen every day. With care and a little bit of luck, a new Model 3 and driver will enjoy a wonderful relationship for years to come. That journey will be even more enjoyable when you treat yourself to some nice extras.
Maybe you’re just looking for better ways to keep that new Model 3 clean. In this case, perhaps it’s best to opt for a car detailing kit, a hand vacuum cleaner that’s optimized for use in a Tesla, a rotating scrub brush or a deluxe set of floor mats.
Whether you decide to go with something serious or luxurious, this list of items is certain to spark your enthusiasm.

Tesla Model 3 Dog Seat Cover

If you don’t want your beloved pooch to mess up your Model 3 interior, then this is the perfect gift. The hammock attaches to the front headrests, keeping debris from dropping to the floor in the backseat. The other end of the hammock attaches to the back headrests, completely covering the upholstery with a heavy-duty, waterproof cover that’s perfectly ready for canines to enjoy.


Custom Model 3 Seat Covers, Model 3 Seat Protectors

These covers are designed to protect your car’s upholstery over the long run. When it’s time to trade in your ride on a new one, that upholstery will look brand new. The covers are available in black, white red,  beige and more to suit your Model 3. 


All-Weather Floor Mats for Tesla Model 3 2019 2020 2021

Made from made of 100% recyclable materials, these floor mats are designed not to slip or crack. Additionally, the bottom of each mat features rubberized nubs for a completely non-slip grip. The top of each mat is equipped with ergonomic grooves to make your feet comfortable even on long road trips. Protecting your Tesla carpet has never been easier or more attractive.


Hidden Armrest Storage Box for Tesla Model 3

Well, how can I say that, it's definitely a great accessories for Model 3,  top secret compartment up in your arm console!  It will be a great gift for Tesla owners! 


Model 3 Key Card Holder

Shop from our expansive selection of custom key card protector guaranteed to make your keys sparkle and stand out

We hope you love the Tesla Model 3 accessories we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. If you are looking for Tesla gifts for him or her, TAPETES provide multiple choice for you.

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