Taking delivery of your Tesla evokes a sense of amazement, leaving you in awe of its technologically advanced features, impressive torque, and stunning design. While you cherish your vehicle, there's always potential for further customization and enhancement. At TAPTES®, we strive to enhance your Tesla ownership experience with our carefully crafted aftermarket accessories, premium parts, and performance modifications.  We are a wholesaler of aftermarket Tesla accessories, our team is able to deliver quality products at good price because of our dedication to the field and our wholesale business model. With our extensive expertise and reputation as a trusted and reliable member of the Tesla community, you can trust that we have all the tools necessary to bring your dream car to life.


taptes Wholesaler Tesla Model S X 3 Accessories

How We Do It


Up to 50% Savings

If you prefer to pay more, you’ve come to the wrong place. But if you’re looking to save without compromising quality over cost, we’re glad you’ve found TAPTES. Our aftermarket Tesla accessories will save you up to 50% off the same product from your local online or offline suppliers.

We Are Professionals

Every person in our team is focusing on this niche Tesla aftermarket accessories market. Their combined customer service skills and laser-sharp focus has helped us create the experts in the industry. Send us an email and see for yourself.

  Good-Quality Parts

You do not need to pay high to get a premium product, it’s that simple. Every product we supply is quality guaranteed. Our Tesla accessories are widely used in the world.