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Looking into our sales, we’ve found that half of our new customers were recommended by our existing customers. This is tremendous news for TAPTES. This is also one of the best things that could happen on TAPTES, which means that we are creating value.

TAPTES believes in the power of word spreading. Whether you are a TAPTES customer, or a professional marketer, you are welcomed to promote us, for love, or for profit. Contact TAPTES Marketing Team for detailed information.


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A professional marketer, or resourceful specialist? TAPTES opens itself to marketing gurus. Please feel free to reach us.

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We invite you to leave your precious review on one of the following third-party websites, about our products, or service. 
Whether you are satisfied or not, your review is valuable for us.

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Why you should join our affiliate program.

  • Free, latest and exclusive products
  • Commission

  • Product data feed constantly updated

  • Attractive banners and text links

  • Coupons/Deals database

  • Dedicated support team


* Affiliates are not allowed to promote your offer(links/banners/deals) in the name of TAPTES on any third platforms. For example, using "TAPTES" as keywords to tiger your Googe AdWords ads.(This is strictly prohibited. Anyone violate this will not be sent the commission, and double violations will lead to permanently removed form our affiliates list.)

*We do not accept coupon sites to utilize common tactics such as a "click to reveal coupon code" strategy, designed to drive up clicks on their ads for our brand. We do not accept PPC bids on words known as TM+bidding. We do not accept Affiliates to utilize SEO tactics centered around our brand name.