Tesla Features a ‘Dummy’ Camera in Its New Vehicles

Tesla Features a ‘Dummy’ Camera in Its New Vehicles

Tesla has made the decision to equip its new vehicles, which are equipped with the advanced Hardware 4.0 Autopilot/Self-Driving sensors, with a "dummy" camera.

Tesla's Hardware 4.0 is expected to feature more advanced computing capabilities, more cameras, and more advanced sensors than the current hardware versions, enabling Tesla's Autopilot and Full Self-Driving (FSD) features to work more efficiently, effectively, and safely.

Noted: HW3 drivers will not be able to retrofit their vehicles with the new HW4 capabilities

Tesla writes in its manual (via Sawyer Merritt):
Tesla states that in HW4 there are two forward facing cameras. Tesla: "The bi-camera assembly has cutouts for 3 camera lens assemblies, but one of the cutouts is populated with a dummy camera."

Although Tesla has not provided an explanation for the dummy camera placement, the computer teardown revealed that the new Hardware 4.0 computer contains a "spare" camera input, which may shed light on the reason for the placement.

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