The 1st Accessory You Should Purchase for Tesla Model Y

The 1st Accessory You Should Purchase for Tesla Model Y

Since Tesla officially starts Model Y deliveries in March 2020, Model Y early owners are looking for accessories available for the new car. Among those accessories, the All-Weather Interior Floor Mats are must-have and the very first accessory that most Tesla owners would purchase after their car reservation or delivery.


Why are the floor mats the first accessory you should purchase for your Model Y?


It is always better to choose car floor mats that are a perfect fit for your vehicle as they offer maximum coverage and protection for your car. If you live where it's often rainy, snowy, floor mats can protect any damage from dirt, debris, mud, etc.



If the floor mats are waterproof and all-weather type, it's even better. They can be easily cleaned by a hose, which could save you much time. For traditional mats, like carpet floor mats, it always takes time to clean and dry out.



Recently, more and more floor mats are featured with raised edges, advertised to hold water when it's rainy, or drinks spill out.


Because Tesla just starts the Model Y delivery, there are few vendors offering floor mats for Tesla Model Y. While searching online, you may get Model 3 floor mats product links after input Model Y floor mats. Pay attention to the product page in case you ordered Model 3 floor mats by mistake.

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