The hottest tempered glass screen protector for your Tesla in 2018

The hottest tempered glass screen protector for your Tesla in 2018

What is Tesla Screen Protector?

The Tesla screen protector provides an extra safety for your noble car, it also can be attached to the screen of an electronic device and protect it against physical damage.

Why we need Tesla Screen Protector?

It's scratch resistant, effectively resist the collision of hard objects and friction, more anti-scratch performance. So the tempered glass screen protector can give you maximum protection for your beloved car’s screen. Your Tesla does look better with Screen Protectors For Tesla Model S /Model X as below:

Types of Tesla Screen Protector

Constructed of high quality tempered glass material , The package includes 1 x Tempered glass screen protector,2 x Dust Removal Tape,3 x Alcohol pack.

How to choose and where to buy Tesla Screen Protector?

Actually you have 2 options: 3rd party at Amazon from 3rd party dealers, 3rd party ones at TapTes.




Amazon 3rd dealers
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FREE Shipping on eligible orders

5-7 business day
Self installation


Competitive Price
Quality more assured as most are regular business with resellers

Longer delivery period to US
Self installation

What is the price of the Tesla Screen Protector?


1 Screen Protectors Price

Amazon 3rd dealers (Reference only)





Installation Instructions

1.Firstly,wipe the screen clean with alcohol wet cloth and clean cloth.

2.Then,align the straight side up,the circle side down, and tear off the tempered glass protector protection layer off the screen's side.


3.Next,use your fingers to quickly line the glass from top to bottom along the middle of the glass, remove to bubbles between the glass and the touch screen

4.Finally,if there are very few bubbles during installation, the bubble is usually pressed to remove the bubble by pushing it to the edge of the glass.