Tesla Model S Silicone Center Container/cup holder From TapTes

Tesla Model S Silicone Center Container/cup holder From TapTes

What's Tesla Model S Center Container?

Constructed of environment-friendly silicone material, smooth and odorless, saves space in the car to make it look clean and tidy. The package includes :1×Car Center Container

Why we need cup holder?

With the development of life, people's requirements for the interior environment of the car have also improved. Tesla Center Container could storage cell phone, cups, cans, glasses box, little waste, which could help you keep the car clean, and it's easy to clean. The Black color to match almost car interior and it also helps to improve your car interior and do look better as below.

Detail pictures of the Tesla Model S Center Container:

Types of Tesla Center Container:

Constructed of environment-friendly silicone material.Center Contain for Tesla Model S package includes 1×Car Center Container.

How to and where to buy Tesla Center Container?

Basically you may have 2 options: 3rd party at Amazon from 3rd party dealers, 3rd party ones at TapTes.




Amazon 3rd dealers

FREE Shipping
Reasonable Price

How long it will last
Self installation


Competitive Price
Quality more assured as most are regular business with resellers

Longer delivery period to US
Self installation

What's the Price of Center Container for Tesla Model S?



Amazon 3rd dealers (Reference only)




How to install Tesla Center Container?
Step 1: Get the center container ready.
Step 2: Just put it in the car.
Step 3: Check to see if it's firm.