The top 6 questions you should know about Tesla Pedals

The top 6 questions you should know about Tesla Pedals

Out of the showroom, the car is pretty much ready to go but here are a few things that many Tesla owners buy straight after or just before collecting.

What is Tesla Pedals?

Actually most people search Tesla Pedals for Tesla Model S/X Performance Pedal Set as listed on Tesla website, which is $150 including 1 x accelerator pedal cover and 1 x brake pedal cover, price includes shipping and installation and ships to the preferred Service Center.

Why we need Tesla Pedal Set?

Most people do it to enhance the style and appearance of standard Model S or Model X with the Tesla Performance Pedal Set, with Model S/X Performance Pedal Set, the Tesla do look better as below.

tesla pedal

Types of Tesla Pedal Set

Tesla Model S and Model X Pedal Set are the same, two options are available:

Option 1: Includes 2 x pedals: Accelerator,Brake

Option 2: Includes 3 x Pedals: Brake, Gas pedals and Accelerator.

Both options are constructed of aluminum alloy, TapTes provides both options, but most customers chooses 2 x pedals.



How to Choose and where to buy Tesla Performance Pedal Set?

Most people know that there are aftermarket companies that make various accessories that will adapt to Tesla vehicles. The common belief is that genuine Tesla accessories are significantly more expensive than these aftermarket accessories. 

Basically you have 3 options: Tesla official one at $150, 3rd party at Amazon from 3rd party dealers, 3rd party ones at TapTes.




Tesla Official

Free installation at service center

High Price

Amazon 3rd dealers

Fast delivery for US
Reasonable Price

How long it will last
Self installation


Competitive Price
Quality more assured as most are regular business with resellers

Longer delivery period to US
Self installation


What is the Price of Tesla aluminum pedals?


2 Pedals Price

3 Pedals Price

Tesla Official


Not available

Amazon 3rd dealers (Reference only)







How to install Tesla Tesla Performance Pedal Set?

Step 1: Remove the original rubber cover

Step 2: Get the new cover ready

Step 3: Pull the new cover from bottom to up

Step 4:Finish installation