Top ten Coat Hooks for Tesla Model S & X in 2018

Top ten Coat Hooks for Tesla Model S & X in 2018

What's Tesla Coat Hook?

Nowadays most people search Tesla Coat Hooks for Tesla Model S/X as listed on Tesla website, which is $50,it includes 2 x seat back coat hooks, price includes shipping and installation and ships to the preferred Service Center.

Why we need Tesla Coat Hooks?

It can keep your seating space open and get more space in your car while it could hold much more weight. The Coat Hooks can hang coats,shirts,umbrella and other garments,as well as hangbag, or something you would like to hang. The Tesla do look better as below with Tesla Coat Hooks:

Types of Tesla Coat Hooks

Tesla Model S and Model X Coat Hooks are the same. Designed to match the aluminum accents in the vehicle. Available in black, show your social value in your car. Package including: Each order comes with two Hooks.

How to choose and where to buy Tesla Coat Hooks?

Basically you have 3 options:Tesla official 2 x Coat Hooks at $50, 3rd party at Amazon from 3rd party dealers, 3rd party ones at TapTes.




Tesla Official

Free installation at service center

High Price

Amazon 3rd dealers (Reference only)

Free shipping

5-7 business days delivery period
Self installation


Competitive Price
Quality more assured as most are regular business with resellers

Longer delivery period to US
Self installation


What is the Price of Tesla Coat Hooks?


Price of 1 pair

Tesla Official


Amazon 3rd dealers (Reference only)





Installation Instructions:

Step 1: slide the coat hook into space between the Model S or Model X front head rest and seat back .

Step 2: Push down until the hook is firmly seated.

Step 3:Hang up your clothes and test them.