15 things you never knew about your Tesla

15 things you never knew about your Tesla

Do you know anything about your Tesla? I think there may still be a lot of things about Tesla that aren't very understand.So let's explore the secrets of Tesla.

 1.The audio system automatically lowers the volume when the door is opened.

 2.The dashboard and home screen avatar reflects all options for Tesla wheels, spoilers, and so on.

 3.The Homelink page reflects the color of your car and whether it is daytime or night.

 4.Pressing the stop button when you stop will show the door handle. It is convenient to wait for someone when they approach the car.

5.Drag down the navigation button to automatically select your work or home-car automatically selects home or work location and time. Dragging down will take you home and dragging to the right will take you to work.

6.Drag down the navigation button to automatically select your work or home-to leave the DRL / stop lights, turn the lights on in settings, and then exit the car, otherwise they will automatically turn off shortly after locking the car. If the car is not turned off, please return and turn on the stop light. To turn off traffic lights, as in a tunnel; leave and close the door.

7.During the software update, if you find yourself outside the car but the door cannot be unlocked, you should be able to open the suitcase and climb in to unlock the back door, and then you can move the front seat forward and open the front door. Or just wait 5-45 minutes to complete the software update.

8.If the key is lost, the mobile application can be used as the key to drive the car, just make sure you remember the password. A quick security prompt is to set a unique password for your car, so that if other online accounts are compromised, They won't be able to log in to your Tesla app!

9.The Siri on iPhone will now lock / unlock your car, flashing lights, honking and telling you whether range / charge level.

10.After purchasing Tesla, your annual mileage will at least double, please remember to inform your insurance company.

11,When cold and separate driving, the driver's seat heater is opened rather than heated by air, and the entire cab is more energy efficient.

12.If you press and drag any application icon in the top row, you can send it to the top or bottom of the screen! You have to take the time to read the manual instead of finding it at will.

13.Usually, the lower the battery you start charging, the faster the car will charge.

14.Tesla can remote diagnose your car but can also login to your Tesla home charger as well, if there is a fault they will send out a new unit.

15.The vanity mirrors, both sides, are hidden behind the sunvisor flaps on a Model X.