About the secrets of Tesla in winter

About the secrets of Tesla in winter

1.Regen is often restricted and it usually limits the maximum power from cold start cars

Solution: the car will give you more warmth, after 10-15 minutes of driving it will return to normal. Once the vehicle is preheated, the performance of the vehicle will be improved.

How to avoid: if important, plan charges near the time you need to use the car.Please plan to finish charging at the time you need to use the car.

2.You start seeing other people put on winter tyres and start thinking about your options.Tyre vary but many keep a spare set of wheels with winter tires on.Tyre pressures start to drop.You should be checking your tyre pressures every few weeks anyway but when the temperature drops your tyre pressures will as well!

3.You realize you need to start cleaning all the cameras and sensors.

Solution: Give the camera lens a quick wipe with a cloth and the same is true for snow around AP cameras and sensors  

How to avoid: use a special glass cleaner on the glass (this reduces dirt stuck to the lens)

4.Your floor mat has all sorts of footprints because of the snow, causing a lot of mess in the car.

Solution: Get your seats covered, get the backs of your seats wrapped in clear vinyl

How to avoid: Buy the all-weather winter mats

5.If your Tesla doesn't happen to be like this? As shown below

Solution: Outdoor hot water tap to mix warm water.

6.Frozen windows and door mirrors will make you speechless.

Solution: open the rear window defroster (it will also be a mirror), but most likely they will, unless they are completely covered with ice, but if they are stuck, There will be some room temperature water that can be poured on windows / mirrors and so on

How to avoid: preheat the car captain, close the auto fold before and / or the park reflects the night in the sun.

7.To sum up, I hope your Tesla will have a wonderful winter.