About the various costs of Tesla

About the various costs of Tesla

1.Is Tesla expensive?

To be honest, Tesla is not really expensive.It was bought in China at the same price as in the United States, and it didn't add a dime.If according to Land Rover, porsche in China's quotation method, at least double the price.Tesla sells at 150w-250w.All Tesla configurations are real.Its shell is made of aluminum alloy, the operating system such as lever is Mercedes-Benz, battery selection Panasonic, large screen faster than IPAD reaction.

2.Is Tesla premium expensive?

Did not buy theft rescue, because the Tesla can not steal, no one will steal. All Tesla cars are monitored by the United States headquarters, even if remote access is closed, the bottom can also monitor, thus saving 2900 yuan per year.Because wading insurance is for engine, Tesla does not have engine, so even wading insurance also need not buy, saved 270 yuan every year.In fact, I do not need to buy spontaneous combustion insurance, because spontaneous combustion Tesla company will lose, and there have been no cases of Tesla spontaneous combustion in the world.

New car also suggests not to buy scratch insurance. New car has scratches to report after insurance, the premium discount of the next year will be much less, small scratches need not care about it, patching paint will tear down the patchwork for your Tesla.

3.Is Tesla maintenance expensive?

Because of its simple mechanical structure, Tesla has no engine, wave box, water tank, fuel tank, drive shaft, etc.Tesla normally does not need any maintenance. It only needs to change brake pads and tires, air conditioning filters, which are very economical.So the maintenance cost is zero basically.Due to the Tesla maintenance file has not come down, so the specific maintenance cost is not very clear, but with the Tesla character, should not be very expensive.

4.In summary

Tesla is a really save money car.After a month of driving, charging two times to the super charging station, charging the power station for free destinations, the other is charging at home. The only place to spend money might be to buy some Tesla accessories on the TapTes website.