Does Tesla Model 3 Have a Wireless Phone Charger?

Does Tesla Model 3 Have a Wireless Phone Charger?

What you would buy after you order a Tesla Model 3? All-weather floor mats? Or just a car cover?

According to TapTes big data, what Tesla Model 3 owners care the most is floor mats, spoilers, screen protector, sunshades, wraps, cup and center console liners, car covers, trunk mats, and other accessories for Model 3 interior and exterior.

But there is one thing that Tesla Model 3 is missing. A convenient wireless phone charger. Powered by the front USB ports of Model 3, the wireless phone charger could provide 5W power for each side. It supports any wireless charging enabled iPhones and Android cell phones.


This Tesla Model 3 wireless phone charger, liked by many Model 3 owners, offers a convenient way to charge your phone without hassling with cables. For those whose phones don't support wireless charging and wear protection phone cases, there is also a Phone Dock Adapter custom made for Model 3. As you know, the USB cables at the original Tesla pad is too close to the pad, it takes time to plug in your phone with a case. With this adapter, thicker phone cases are allowed. And it becomes easier to plug your phone.


Back to the wireless charger, it also includes in bundles that offer up to 50% discount. Such as floor mats, the item that Model 3 cares the most about, also some exclusive items, such as custom made phone cases.


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