Does the Tesla Mobile App Make Sense?

Does the Tesla Mobile App Make Sense?

Today we are going to talk about the Tesla Mobile APP, you can control your Tesla to switch the car door, open the air conditioner, open the skylight, and check the remaining mileage and so on by Tesla APP on your phone. Of course, you could also check the real-time status of your Tesla, such as the spot of your Tesla ,whether it is driving or parking. You can even drive your Tesla without using the car key.

If your friend comes to borrow your Tesla, how do you give him the car key? You may give him face to face in the traditional way. But you don't have to do it like that anymore. Firstly, you can just put your car key into the your Tesla front trunk, secondly close your front trunk, then lock your Tesla by APP. You can let your friend go to the side of the car while he comes to borrow your car. Then unlock your Tesla by the APP. Some people might be curious about why we choose the front trunk instead of the rear trunk, because it's a little bit cool safer than rear trunk. Just shock your friend!

Tips: You have to make sure that there is a cell phone signal in the parking place, or you will be embarrassed. Especially in the garage!

The some great Functions of Tesla APP?

1.Download and login to your Tesla account. After delivery, you will see your car in the app.

2.Check your charge, you can check how much power left in your Tesla and how long it will tack to fully charge. You even can set up how much power you want to charge by APP

3.Set your temperature.

4.Control your Front Trunk by APP. Open it from APP, put your luggage in, then press down to close.

5.You can change your speed.

6.You may use the Summon function. Smart Summon would enable HW2 vehicles to navigate more complex environments and parking spaces. Once the feature is enabled, the Model S, Model X, and Model 3 would be able to maneuver around objects on its own to get to its target location.