How to improve driving experience for your Tesla?

How to improve driving experience for your Tesla?

Today we summarize the common problems and solutions for Tesla.It may not be very comprehensive, but I think it's very important.

1.Tyre pressure alarm

Tyre pressure requirement 2.8-3.1 kg.If there's a barometric alarm, it's usually the tire with a sand hole.Please go to the nearby tire shop to fill the tire, and then reset the pressure in the setting after filling the tire.

2.Black screen crash on big screen, mobile phone app can not connect to the car, the car can not start and so on.

When something goes wrong with Tesla, the first reaction is restarting the car computer.More than 80% of the problems can be solved by restarting the computer.What does a reboot not solve?If you have, reboot twice.If you can't solve it twice, please stop and lock the car.And find a coffee shop for a cup of coffee and rest for half an hour.After half an hour, get in the car and reboot gracefully.99% will be fine,because the Tesla electric vehicle system also needs to rest occasionally.

3.Wiper wobble or noise

Slight wobble and noise, please add wiper essence or detergent.

Serious wobble and noise,please go to the 4S store to change or buy your own doctor wiper replacement.

4.Skylight leakage

Check the skylights open and close for refueling ,whether or not have branches and leaves.

If still leaking, please go to the 4S store and change the tape.

5.The charging port won't open.

Please point the charge gun at 10cm above the charging port and hold down the induction switch for 5 seconds.That would be 100% successful.

6.About mileage anxiety.

Don't let the mileage bother us.

Advice for new drivers: Tesla does not drive to close to zero, not qualified electric vehicle driver.Mileage anxiety will torture you all the time.When you've had zero power, you don't have to worry about it anymore.Mileage anxiety is gone.So look for a chance to get to zero.