Skilled order about Tesla

Skilled order about Tesla

As we all know, Tesla is a highly intelligent car with many powerful and practical functions. It's really recklessly waste the products of Tesla while many Tesla owners don't know these functions. I sort out these powerful features and share them with you after the detailed excavation.

Top 1. Voice dialing, making a phone call is easy to use while driving.

After the phone is connected to the Tesla Bluetooth, press the voice function on the steering wheel to prompt to start recording. Tell it who you want to call, and the name is as shorter as better. Easier to make the computer recognize

Top 2. Voice Navigation Input Function.

It is no longer necessary to park the car and then enter the destination for navigation. Now Tesla can fully recognize the voice navigation while driving. Press the voice function on the steering wheel, prompt to start recording and tell it at a constant speed: navigate to XXX. In addition, if you want to navigate to a foreign city, you must first zoom out the entire navigation map screen, then drag the destination city to the center of the screen with your finger and enter the destination in the address search field.

Top 3. Web bookmarks feature.

It is highly recommended for busy Tesla owners, and the one-click collection of popular websites can improve office efficiency. In addition, you can watch technology news while waiting for friends if you like.

Top 4. Chatting Feature.

When you waitting for the red light, you can also chat with your friends on Wechat or Facebook by Tesla's super big screen.

Top 5. the function of the keyless driving, open the air conditioner remotely.

Cooling or heating in advance, no more worry about the summer or winter. This is the wonderful enjoyment brought by technology!

Top 6. The APP for Charging Station. Not afraid to travel all over the world

You can download the APP to check the Charging Station , to help find them easily.

Top 7. View live traffic.

Using Google Maps to see real-time traffic conditions, avoid traffic jams, and match Tesla navigation. However, do remember to click the Live Traffic button when you use it.

Top 8. Closing the energy recovery, giving the elderly and children a comfortable ride.

Turning on the energy recovery function, it is cool to save power and brake pads.

Turning off the energy recovery function, making the passengers feel comfortable, will not feel frustrated, will not feel dizzy, and can bring more care to the family when there are old people and children.

Tips: The display area is large, in order to avoid cracking. Need to buy a tempered glass film to better protect the car screen.