The battery cruising range and configuration options for Tesla

The battery cruising range and configuration options for Tesla

As a fan of Tesla, I think everyone may be concerned about Tesla's battery life and configuration options. Today I‘ll talk about Tesla's battery life and configuration issues around the 2017 Tesla Model S 75D.

Firstly, the battery 60 has been canceled in 2017. Now the 75 is as an basic. The second one is 75D. The D means a dual-motor four-wheel drive. Personally recommend dual motor, because the 4 drive and the rear drive is just qualitative difference, it's maximum cruising range is 485km. If you only drive in the city and do not run for a long time you can charge it only once a week. The longest distance I have drove was about 435 kilometers, Atlanta to Tallahassee. I charged it in the middle. It is absolutely enough if there is no long-distance request on the mileage. If you think it's not enough for you, you can choose the 100D 613km battery life. Since this car is just basically the difference in battery capacity, but the basic-level and top-of-line models are the same, the difference is optional. Of course, except for the P100 as it is a high-performance motor.

Secondly, configuring Bluetooth navigation is all standard. I will write it to you one by one.

1.Be sure to choose automatic driving, otherwise, it doesn't make any sense if you buy it. Pay more attention to the automatic driving, you must pay attention to it because it ready to take over at any time.

2.Air Suspension System is highly recommended for you, you don't need to worry about there aretoo many people in yourcar with air suspension.

3.Cold weather: If you live in a cold area, shortened cruising range is the biggest effect on electric vehicles, and the output power and charging speed are slightly affected! Tesla's "Temperature Preset" function is really great! You could turn on the “Temperature Preset” one hour before driving. Your driving experience will not be much different from the summer!

4,Interior: Highly recommend to choose the white seat, very nice and very convenient to clean. It's really magic that the white seat resistant to dirt.

5.Wheels: The original wheel is very cool with All-Season tires, I think it's the best for cruising range. You could choose sports tires as well if you are one of the Appearance of the Association, because this kind of tire is very thin.

Let's talk about using the car. Attention! Do not fully charge the battery! You could charge it about 90% each time, the battery will not be exhausted. But If you fully charge it every time, you will find that the battery is gradually exhausted after 1 year. Of course, fully charging for running long distance is necessary.

Equipping with a charging pile at home will be better, so you don't have to worry about mileage and no more wasting time to the gas station.