Tips for your Tesla long-distance travel

Tips for your Tesla long-distance travel

Many people might have a variety of problems when driving Tesla for long trips, or they start to get nervous before traveling. Below, I have compiled 6 tips for you as below, which can help you and avoid mileage anxiety.

1.Firstly, Fully charging for running long distance is necessary! Then be certain to download the app that can guide you to find the charging station on your mobile phone before you travel. Checking the charging station along the way as early as possible, and plan your travel as soon as possible.

2.Prepare industrial outlet boxes and cables. you can go wherever to charge with the industrial socket box and mobile charger, it can up to 60 kilometers per hour. And the cost is low, it only takes tens of dollars to do it. It is currently the most effective and operative solution to the charging problem.

3.Setting up long distance mode to save more power. Using the seat heating function is more energy efficient than turning on the air conditioning heater, and it feels warmer and more comfortable.

4.The power consumption will consume about 5-10% if you stay in a cold place,so please mentally prepared for yourself. "Temperature Preset" function is really great! Tesla owners can preheat the car through the APP on the mobile phone before going out, not only warm the car, but also remove the snow and ice on the car glass. Your driving experience will not be much different from the summer!

5. The habit of charging the car for the car-free period is also very important. When Tesla is charging, the energy of all the power-consuming parts in the car comes from the external power supply and does not consume the energy of the battery. At the same time, the vehicle will start the battery heating according to the needs, so the battery temperature will be well maintained in a reasonable range. The vehicle can quickly enter the optimal power output range without additional mileage when you drive next time.

6.Thereis no equipmentwith tires for Tesla. If the tire is punctured on the highway, it will a big problem for you. So you need to prepare the TIRE INFLATION SYSTEM KIT.

Have a good trip!