What it’s like to own a Tesla Model S

What it’s like to own a Tesla Model S

This is my final year in the university, not like most of my classmates, my parents didn’t present me a car as a gift for entering university. I have begged them thousand time for that a car will make me don’t need to worry about getting up late but in vain.

However, in my 21-year-old birthday, they gave a small box to me as present. When I felt confused, opening the box, I was totally excited and delighted for that there was a Tesla key on the box! I finally have my own car!

Actually, I used to wonder to have a ordinary gasoline car,however, when Tesla came out, i fall in love with it without any hesitation.Like other electrocar Tesla is energy-saving, cost effective and also environmental friendly. Except these reasons, Tesla appears to be more charming and attractive. The shape and design of it is similar to a gasoline car and the colour of it is shine and bright which is of high standard, showing its unique value.

Having dreamed for owning my car for years, I finally got the first car in my life: Tesla model S. She is incredible and beautiful with high quality. As a new driver with a new car, there is no doubt that i would like to protect her as best as i can. Then I discuss with many Tesla new owners like me in the forum, to figure out what we need to prepare and how can we protect our best loved effectively. There are thousands kind of accessories offer us to choose, while different people hold different opinion and i just took what suitable for me.

Once i got my car, I bought a key case for my key because my father’s car key has badly wearing which looks awful so I prepare a key case as soon as i get my Tesla.

Moreover, i think floor mat is necessary for every car for that it will be either easier to clean the floor but also protect the leather from scratching. Personally speaking, i do really care about the surrounding of my car and I want to keep it clean and tidy so that a floor mat is of great importance. What’s more, floor mat can help me to protect the interior floor from wearing out and damage so that my car will always appear to be brad new. Therefore, it may prolong its lifespan.

Besides, as we all known, Tesla model S is equipped with a 17 inch touchscreen, just like our cell phone, the screen of the car also need to be protected so i bought a screen protector before i get her in case of oil, shock, fingerprint, scratch and others. Attached a screen protector also can prevent the screen from being broken and it can reduce the possibilities of repairing and fixing which will save cost in the long run.

Different from Model X, Tesla Model S has shortage of room on the back seat for that there is no enough storage. Once my mum sat in the rear with a starbucks, complaining about nowhere to place it. In order to provide a good sitting experience to family and friends, a rear center console and coat hook is in need. With the rear center console, cups and some small stuff can be placed. What’s more, bags and clothes can hang on the hooks. In this way, space can be saved while stuff also can be placed.

To attenuate direct sunlight from entering my vehicle, a roof shades is necessary especially in the hot summer. We always feel burning as we get into the car outdoors. If the car is equipped with the roof shades, we may feel better and cooler in the hot day.

Except for these, last time, my boy friend recommended that a spoiler should be installed in the rear for that it will increase the stability of the car because we usually drive fast than we imagine for the car is light and running with electricity which may difficult for us to detect that we are over speed. Although, i am not fully recognize its value, but my boy friend said it is more stable and safer so I take this. By the way , my car looks unique and different from others which makes me delighted. You know, people always don’t like to be similar to others.

Last but not least is that the phone holder, sometimes we are not accustomed to using the OEM screen and navigator, using cell phone is more convenient to some extent so a phone holder is of vital significant to this. If we don’t have a phone holder, it is difficult to keep the phone stay in a fixed position otherwise, it may cause driving hazard while we finding phone and check the exact route.

That’s all i have equipped to my car,while maybe i will add more accessories in the future, but till now, it is fairly enough. These accessories improve my Tesla both in interior or exterior which contributes to my work and life. I strongly convinced that she will accompany me for more than five years. Many people can’t believe that i have bought my car for years because she looks like totally brand new! In my opinion, every Tesla need your patient and love and you are not just cost for it just for fun. Believe me, you would never regret to have them.

Tesla Model S makes a difference to my life. It brings me high standard of driving enjoyment and let me experience the power of high technology which contributes to my life.

As an eletrocar, the acceleration of a Model S is freaky. Because it's fully electric and there are no gears to shift, the availability of torque is instant, smooth, and somewhat terrifying. My Model S can go from 0-40 in five seconds, and because its completely noiseless, accelerating feels like being fired out of  gun with a silencer on.
 And it handles like a wonder
 It doesn't handle like a regular car
 It doesn’t even handle like a sports car
 It handles like a Ferrari that got porked by a luck dragon.

What pleasure me most is that knobs and buttons are almost completely absent from the interior od the car. Instead, it’s got a big ipad-like thing. From the touchscreen, you can control every aspect of the vehicle. There is a tiny picture of your Model S that you can touch and squeeze to activate various parts of the car. I love it. Its like a little cyborg Tesla fetus that you can poke, prod and control. You can’t install apps yet, although the huge screen certainly has the real estate for them. I’m hoping they eventually open this up to developers because I want an app that makes race car noises when I accelerate.

A smartphone can also be used to interact with my car. If I’m at a restaurant, I can open up an app and view the exact GPS location and status of my Model S. It’ll tell me where it's parked and how much longer it’ll be until the battery is charged. I can also use this app to adjust the climate settings, in case I want to turn on the heater or air conditioning before returning to my vehicle. It can open the sunroof, honk the horn, and flash the lights.

Tesla turns impossible into possible and makes it perfectly. It is totally different from other cars, and i believe it will be better and more advanced, showing us more surprises in the future!