You have no idea how great Model 3 is with its amazing function

You have no idea how great Model 3 is with its amazing function

Today we are going to talk about Tesla Model 3 and its amazing function. And I write it with some pictures to help you know more clearly.


1.Find your spot. Drive past the spot until P lights up.

2.Shift into reverse then press "Start".

3.See! You don't have to control the steering wheel!

4.Start alert and be prepared to take action at any time.

Charging Adapters.

1.Charge at any electric vehicle station.

2.Find your Tesla adapter.

3.Attach adapter to charging connector.


1.Push button on mobile connector to open charge port.

2.Or when unlocked, push the charge port. Charge where park.

3.Different color lights will tell you the status of the charge

Mobile App

1.Download and login to your Tesla account. After delivery, you will see your car in the app.

Check your charge.

2.Set your temperature.

Front Trunk

1.Open from App

2.Press down to close.

Key Card

1.Place next to door to unlock. on console to drive.

Phone Key

Turn on Bluetooth and ensure Phone Key is paired. Model 3 unlocks on approach.

Gear Selection

1.Push up to reverse

2.Push down to drive.

3.Push in to park.

Enhanced Autopilot

1.Pull down once for Traffic-Aware Cruise Control.

2.Pull down twice for Autosteer. Eyes on the road, hands on the wheel.

3.Adjust cruise control speed. Slide the button on the wheel.

4.Adjust follow distance. Press down the button on the wheel.

Signal to engage Auto Lane Charge.