Carbon Fiber Rear Trunk Spoiler For Tesla

Carbon Fiber Rear Trunk Spoiler For Tesla



Description: Carbon Fiber Rear Trunk Spoiler for Tesla Model S Environmental protection waterproof material,Strong wear resistance, includes: 1 x spoiler wing. If you want to make your Tesla to be unique, we are here offer you an extraordinary exterior accessory for you which is more aggressive and sporty. This spoiler fits all model year S’ since inception including the 2016+ facelift.


Please read these installation instructions BEFORE you install the Carbon Fiber Rear Trunk Spoiler


  • carbon fiber rear trunk spoiler
  • a fishing line
  • a automotivecleaning spray
  • an adhesive and tape
  • a clamp

Step1.Use fishing line to remove your factory wing. After checking the items and accessories you’ve received, use fishing line(or others) to move the previous factory wing. See Photo #1

Photo #1 Remove your factory wing

Step2. Use automotive cleaning spray to remove glue residue. To remove the residue by alcohol or other cleaning spray. Be certain that there is no glue or grease left. Be sure that there is no residue left. See Photo #2

Photo #2 Remove glue residue

Step3. Apply a dab of adhesive to each corner of the wing and peel back the protective cover of the tape after confirming that the adhesive is fully attach to the wing. Using silicone, plastic two-stage epoxy or others to adhere to the wing. Be sure that all edges are covered in case of detach, causing driving hazard. See Photo #3 and Photo #4

Photo #3 Apply adhesive to the wing

Photo #4 Tear off the cover of the tape

Step5. Line up corners of the wing and apply downward pressure starting from the middle of the wing to the outer edges and hold the wing in place for 5min~4hrs. Put the spoiler on the car and ensure outside four free ends. Employ your hands or use clamp and a cloth to keep the spoiler into place without any action. See Photo #5 and Photo #6

Photo #5 Line up corners of the wing

Photo #6 Keep the spoiler in place

Your installation is now complete. See Photo #7

Photo #7 Finished


Warning: Be certain that there is no glue and grease residue left or the spoiler may not completely adhere to the exact place in case of detach. If detach, there will be a high risk of driving especially in a  high speed. Also, make sure that the spoiler stay in the position for enough time otherwise it may not fully stick to the position.