Model S All-Weather Interior Set

Model S All-Weather Interior Set

Environment protection material all- weather interior set for Tesla Model S, Non-slip, Abrasion resistant,includes:1 x driver side floor liner mat, 1 x passenger side floor liner mat, 1 x 2nd row floor liner mat.

(Driver Side Floor Liner Mat)

(Passenger Side Floor Liner Mat)

(2nd Row Floor Liner Mat)


Please read these installation instructions BEFORE you install the Model S All Weather Interior Set.

You may install the floor mat by yourself, you can just put the mat on the seat without any auxiliary tools.

Does not provide instruction pictures since it's easy to install.

Step 1. Clean up the dust at the bottom of the car. Be certain that there are no litter left. Otherwise, it will be difficult to discover and clean.

Step 2. Remove the original floor mat. Get the floor mat ready.

Step 3. Find the side of the floor mat that matches the car. Just put it off.

The installation is complete.As shown in pictures #1#2#3 below.




(Installation procedure of PVC material Surface layer)

Warning: When laying the floor mats, make sure that the foot pads on the driving side do not affect the use of the throttle,brake pedals and clutches. If the set is installed improperly, it might lead to a serious driving hazard.