Model S/X Performance Pedal

Model S/X Performance Pedal

Description:Aluminum brake accelerator foot pedal covers for Tesla Model S Model X, Non-slip, No drilling, includes: 1 x accelerator pedal cover, 1 x brake pedal cover .


Please read these installation instructions BEFORE you install the Model S/X Performance Pedal Set.

Installment of Model S/X Performance Pedal Set is not a complex work. However, if you are unable to install it for any reason, we strongly recommended that you make a contact to a professional and have them to install for you.


Step1. Remove the original rubber cover of accelerator and brake carefully. As long as the rubber is removed, the pedal base should be visible. Match the cover set to the exact pedal See Photo#1 and Photo#2 for detail.

Step2. Button up the Performance Pedal Set to the accelerator base through sliding the rubber grommet on the back. From the bottom of the base and then gradually slide to the top, using fingers to press the edge into the slot of the base in case of vacancy between Performance Pedal Set and the origin base. See Photo#3 and Photo#4.

Step3. Button up the Performance Pedal Set to the brake base through sliding the rubber grommet on the back. From the top of the base and slide to the bottom gradually. Also, using fingers to check whether the Performance Pedal Set is firmly attached to the pedal base. See Photo#5.

Installation Tip :Warm water is helpful in your installation. It's easier to install if you put it in warm water for a while. This is for your.

Warning:Be sure that the rubber of the Performance Pedal Set is exactly positioned to the pedal base so that every slots or the pedal can be covered by the set entirely. If the set is installed improperly, it will detach, leading to serious driving hazard.