Screen Protectors For Tesla Model S/Model X

Screen Protectors For Tesla Model S/Model X

Are you burden with your screen filled with fingerprints and oil? Here, Tempered glass Screen Protectors for Tesla Model S Model X, Scrape proof, Anti-fingerprint, includes: 1 x Tempered glass screen protector, 2 x Dust Removal Tape,3 x Alcohol pack . It will solve your problem and protect your screen perfectly.


Please read these installation instructions BEFORE you install the Screen Protectors.


  • Screen protector
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Application card


1.Apply the protector in a brightly lit location (ideally sunshine)

2.Have some Scotch tape nearby

3.Wash your hand before you start

4.If your screen has a lot of prints, clean it thoroughly before starting

5.Pick a time when you won’t be disturbed

Step 1. Go into the screen cleaning mode and use cloth to get rid of any last bits of dust. Make sure the climate control is off in order to minimize any air movement in the cabin. Be sure that your movements are slow and deliberate no sneezing or coughing no cigars, just minimize the chances of getting any dust on the screen. See Photo#1 and Photo#2.

Photo#1 Remember to turn off Climate Control before starting.

Photo#2 Use cloth to get rid of dust.

Step2. Go head and start to remove slide one just peel it back about 25% of the way. Grab the screen protector out of the wallet. There is two sides – it’s like one side so I choose the last slide to get removed and that’s the label you want to put a good hard fold on it. And it will get tucked up underneath the trim at the top of the screen so just putting a fold on that makes it easily to grab. See Photo#3

Photo#3 Peel the protector back about 25%

Step4. Starting from the top of the screen. It isn’t always at a perfect 90 degrees to the screen so just use your judgment to make sure the Screen Protector is in a good position. And then start working your way down removing that first layer from the back of the screen protector as you go. Gravity and Static will do most of the work for you. See Photo#4

Photo#4 Start working your way down

Warning: Try not to touch the exposed part of screen protector with your finger.

Step5. Use application card to do work and scotch tape to get rid of dust. If you get a air bubble by a piece of dust , you need to use a piece of scotch tape and depend whether the dust is stuck to the screen protector or the screen itself. Just use a sticky surface and scotch tape to grab the piece of dust. See Photo#5 and Photo#6

Photo#6 Get rid of dust by scotch tape

Step6. Go ahead and grab little able to pull the top layer off. You can use the anti-glare screen protector so you will see difference as you peel this off from the passenger. If you see more bubbles, you can work close out with the application card. See Photo#7 and Photo#8

Photo#7 Peel off the top layer.

Warning: Pull down the top layer at a sharp diagonal angle to prevent the protector off the screen.

Photo#8 Use application card to work bubbles out

After finishing these 8 steps, your Screen Protector is installed.