Tesla Model S Center Console Storage Shelf

Tesla Model S Center Console Storage Shelf


With the shortage of losing your keys, pens, coins and other small items in the OEM storage because it is very deep, you need this Center Console Storage Shelf which is Lightweight environmentally friendly just for Tesla Model S ,practical and easy to clean. The Center Console Storage Shelf allows us easily access to small item


Please read these installation instructions BEFORE you install the Center Console Storage Shelf.

Step1.Tilt up like Photo #1

Photo #1 Tilt up

Step 2.Slide into the storage space and push. Then back the storage shelf seats along three flanges on the side in the back and you installed.

Photo #2 Slide and push

After installed, you have no problem of opening and closing the storage box. See Photo #3

Photo #3

You can place whatever you want in the Center Console

Storage Shelf, and enjoy every vacation with it.

Warning: Be certain that the Center Console Storage Shelf is firmly stuck into the box. If not, it may unable to open and close the box successfully which may causes inconvenience.