Tesla Model S/ Model X Seat Back Coat hooks

Tesla Model S/ Model X Seat Back Coat hooks

Description:Anodized Aluminum Seat Back Coat Hooks for Tesla Model S Model X, firm and durable,strong bearing capacity , includes: 2 x seat back coat hoots


Please read these installation instructions BEFORE you install the Model S/X  Seat Back Coat hooks.

Installation of the coat hooks are particularly easy, don’t need professional help to install.They can installation by yourself . Just choose your own model.

Important:The installation of the Coat Hooks is very simple and fast,so you don't need any tools or materials.

Step1. Put the coat hooks in the space between the S / X seat headrest and the back seat.(As shown in the following three pictures).

Warning:The Coat Hooks have been designed to hold about6-7 lb.of weight. Additional weight can stress the hook and may cause it to break.

Step 2 Push down until the hook is firmly seated.

Seat 3:Repeat 1 to 3 steps, then install another one.

Warning:Coat hooks are only suitable for small, lighter items, which can only bear a weight of 6 to 7 pounds, if they exceed the risk of damaging the hooks.So please hang a certain amount of things properly!