Car Cover for Tesla Model X - TAPTES
Car Cover for Tesla Model X - TAPTES
Car Cover for Tesla Model X - TAPTES
Car Cover for Tesla Model X - TAPTES
Car Cover for Tesla Model X - TAPTES
Car Cover for Tesla Model X - TAPTES
Car Cover for Tesla Model X - TAPTES
Car Cover for Tesla Model X - TAPTES
Car Cover for Tesla Model X - TAPTES

Car Cover for Tesla Model X 2016-2021

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  • Material: The car cover is made of three different material, the surface layer is aluminum foil film which can reflect sunlight, reduce the temperature inside the car effectively; the middle layer is waterproof PE polyester material blocking the heat and water; the inner layer is high-quality PP cotton protecting the car paint from scratches.
  • Design: Customized for Model X. There are six reflective warning signs in front, middle and back of car cover, making it safer to stop at night.
  • Type: We have two kinds of patterns, big rhombus and little rhombus to choose from, and are available in orange and green for random shipping.
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Tesla Model X Accessories TAPTES Car Cover enhances the style and appearance for your standard Model X. Made of an aesthetically pleasing high-grade, waterproof fabric for strength. The soft lining to prevent dings and scratches. The Car Cover is certified for both outdoor and indoor use. The reflective stripe warms the people in the night. You may put on the car cover by yourself, fastly and conveniently. TAPTES ships the car cover worldwide. The package includes:
1 x car cover
1 x carry bag



A: How do I store my car cover?
Q: Always make sure your cover is completely dry before folding and storing. Also make sure to neatly fold your cover to prevent excessive wrinkling or damage.

Q: I have a Model X Tesla with 7 seats, does the Car Cover fit it?
A: Yes, the Car Cover is specifically designed for the Tesla Model X.

Q: How long does it take to receive my Car Cover order?
A: Delivery within 20 days from Hong Kong to your hand (US and Europe)

Q: Does your car cover will scratch my Tesla Model X?
A: Absolutely not. TAPTES car cover has a soft lining to prevent dings and scratches.

Q: How often should my car cover be washed?
A: There is no magic number for when you should wash your cover. If your cover is used in a dirty, dusty environment, it will need to be washed more frequently.

Q: How do I install my car cover?
A: Install the cover at the front of your vehicle first. Next, pull the cover over the top of your vehicle. Finally, stretch the rear hem of the cover over the back bumper of your vehicle.

Q: Where do your products ship from?
A: All of our products ship from Hong Kong.

Q: Can you ship to my country?
A: Yes, TAPTES ships worldwide.

Q: How long does it take to ship?
A: Most of our orders ship within 12-24 hours. Our made-to-order custom covers can take a little longer to ship, usually around 20 days.

Q: Can I open the driver door?
A: Absolutely! You should choose the car cover has a driver door with zipper. It covers the driver door and can be opened. When not in use, you can close it.

Q: My Tesla Model S has a spoiler, does the car cover fit?
A: Yes, Our car cover is suitable for the Tesla Model S and have enough relaxation to accommodate the factory spoiler or any common aftermarket spoiler.


Tesla Model S Weatherproof Car Cover Specifications

Manufacturer Part Number

Weatherproof Car Cover for Model S


Neutral Packing or TAPTES

Estimated Lead Time

Generally it takes 10~20 days for your order to arrive. Faster delivery is available with an additional cost to upgrade to DHL/EMS/FEDEX, etc.


aluminum foil film
waterproof PE polyester material
high-quality PP cotton

Weight 2.785kg
Package Weight 0.2kg
Dimensions(Lx W x H) 517 x 216 x 165cm / 203.54 x 85.04 x64.96in

Package Dimensions(L x W x H)

55 x 30 x 40cm / 21.65 x 11.81 x 15.75in



Date of manufacture



Tesla Model X

Also called

Tesla Model S Car Cover;
Tesla Car Cover;
Tesla Model S Car Cover for both outdoor and indoor use;
Waterproof All Weather Car Covers;
Tesla Outdoor Car Cover;
Car Cover for Tesla Model S
All-Weather Car Cover for Tesla Model S;
Clúdach Car Tesla Samhail X;
Tesla Modell X Bildeksel;
Tesla Model X Autoabdeckung;
Housse Voiture Tesla Model X;
Tampa do carro de Tesla Model X;
Tesla Malli X auton kansi;
Carrozzeria Tesla Model X;
Tesla Model X Autofueren;


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