Guide for Tesla Owner

Tips for your Tesla long-distance travel
Many people might have a variety of problems when driving Tesla for long trips, or they start to get nervous before traveling. Below, I have compiled 6 tips for you as below, which can help you and avoid mileage anxiety. 1.Firstly, Fully...
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About the various costs of Tesla
1.Is Tesla expensive? To be honest, Tesla is not really expensive.It was bought in China at the same price as in the United States, and it didn't add a dime.If according to Land Rover, porsche in China's quotation method, at...
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About the secrets of Tesla in winter
1.Regen is often restricted and it usually limits the maximum power from cold start cars Solution: the car will give you more warmth, after 10-15 minutes of driving it will return to normal. Once the vehicle is preheated, the performance of the...
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